Micro-Cap 12.2

Creates and edits simulated electrical circuits
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Design and adjust the structures and functionality of electrical devices by configuring various circuits in a simulated environment for analog/digital schemes with interactive sketching options, periodic steady-state analysis, and 3D plotting tools, etc.

Micro-Cap is a utility aimed at electronics engineers. It was especially created to help them design electronic circuits and simulate their functioning.
The program integrates a large device library. Some of the devices included in the "analog primitives" section are passive components, active devices, waveform sources, functions, Laplace and Z transforms and dependent sources, macros, modulators. Actually, there are 258 items of the "analog primitives" section, no less than 21928 items of the analog library, 88 digital primitives and 2050 items of the digital library. Some animated components are also available. Several types of analysis can be performed, such as AC, DC, dynamic DC and dynamic AC or harmonic distortion. One can perform schematic waveform probing, Monte Carlo analysis, and different kinds of plots and measurements. In order to visualize the effects of parameter variations, 3D plotting is also possible. Behavior of different components can be investigated and modeled. Once a circuit is sketched, it can be analyzed and also edited while being in the analysis mode.
The utility is a professional tool for electrical engineers, as it offers a large array of options so that they can easily perform the simulations required for their projects.

Margie Smeer
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  • A large device library compared to other similar products
  • Schematics can be edited while the analysis mode is on
  • Password protection can be ensured for circuit sketches


  • None
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