Micro-Cap 9.0.7

It is an integrated schematic editor and mixed analog/digital simulator
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Micro-Cap 10, the tenth generation, blends a modern, intuitive interface with robust numerical algorithms to produce unparalleled levels of simulation power and ease of use. Nothing else comes close.

Main features:
- Integrated schematic editor and simulator.
- Dynamic analysis updates waveforms and curves as you edit
- Native digital simulator
- Periodic Steady State analysis
- Integral circuit optimizer with multiple optimization methods.
- Integrated active and passive filter design function
- Device library with over 24,000 parts.
- Analog and digital behavioral modeling
- Schematic waveform probing.
- On-schematic voltage/state, current, power, and condition display
- During the run plotting
- Smith charts / Polar plots.
- Multidimensional parameter stepping.
- Monte Carlo analysis.
- 3D plotting.
- Performance functions and plots
- Optimizing parts modeler
- Gummel-Poon, Mextram and Modella bipolar models
- Berkeley BSIM 1, BSIM 2, BSIM3, and BSIM4 MOSFET models
- The latest Philips device models, including MOS 11, 20, 31, 40, and PSP 102
- Hefner IGBT model
- IBIS model translator
- Animated LEDs, switches, bars, meters, relays, stoplights, and DC motors
- Sample and hold, timer, and Z transform devices
- Lossy transmission lines
- Jiles-Atherton nonlinear magnetics model
- PCB interface to popular packages
- LAN version for collaborative projects
- Transient analysis - for investigating time domain circuit behavior.
- AC analysis - for investigating small signal behavior.
- DC analysis - for plotting static DC variables.
- Transfer Function analysis - for calculating the DC transfer function.
- Sensitivity analysis - for calculating the DC sensitivity of output expressions to circuit parameters.
- Harmonic distortion analysis
- Intermodulation distortion analysis
- Extensive mathematical operators and variables.

- A Pentium II or later computer.
- A hard disk with at least 100 Megabytes of available space.
- A Microsoft or compatible mouse.
- Operating System - Windows 2000, XP, Vista*, or Windows 7*.
- System memory of 256 MB.
- Parallel port or a USB port (on the server if a LAN version). Specify the type when ordering.

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